Movie Review: The Maze Runner

The other day, I went to see The Maze Runner at the movies with two of my friends.

Now, I have to admit; I didn’t really want to watch it. Sci-fi action films are not my thing but I had promised I would go. 

The movie started off really well with a great hook that freaked me out a little bit before evening out into a somewhat predictable plot. It was difficult to not know what was about to happen (such as entering the maze, not dying, etc.) but there were definitely elements of surprise.

As with most movies, there were parts that I greatly disliked but then there were also parts which I thought were pretty good too. My bias towards me disliking that genre of film probably impaired my ability to see the movie but after discussing The Maze Runner with my two friends (one of which is a huge fan of that genre and the other is neutral), the need to have a girl in the group seemed less than important.

My favourite part of the movie was definitely towards the end when they were escaping the maze and I was so glad that the hottest character (Minho) didn’t die! Also, one of my all time favourite actors, Thomas Sangster (Game of Thrones, Love Actually, 5 Children & It, Nanny McPhee and so much more), was in the movie which undoubtedly lifted my spirits.

The final scene of the movie was rather disappointing and didn’t really work but I’m presuming it was there to lead onto the sequel. Another factor that made it hard for me to really enjoy the movie was the likeness to Lord of the Flies, a story I despise with a passion. If you did like Lord of the Flies then I suggest you watch this but for me, watching a bunch of boys do stupid boy stuff is rather unappealing.

Overall, I probably won’t see the sequel; simply because these movies aren’t something I hugely enjoy (being scared? No thanks) but I am kind of glad that I saw The Maze Runner.

Have you seen it? What were your thoughts?


  1. It sounds like an overall decent film, I may give it a watch!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  2. I think that the majority of people would like it!


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