Super Cheap Mini Makeup Haul

Friday night, I was at my brother's hockey game and noticed there was a Kmart [kind of like a Primark] next door that was open till midnight. Well obviously, I had to have a look. I had literally no clue that Kmart stocked makeup but they had plenty of drugstore brands including their own range of products for amazing prices. 5 of which ended up in my shopping basket. I ending up spending $41 which is pretty impressive for 6 products!

Dark Pink Lip Crayon | Colour 042 | $6

Eyeliner Pencil | Charcoal | $5

Liquid Face Primer | $9

Pressed Powder | Fair | $9

BB Cream Foundation | Fair | $9

Lots of Love Eyeshadow | Palette 02 How Now | $3

Primer and BB Cream

Pressed Powder


Eyeshadow, Eyeliner Pencil and Mascara

Lip Crayon and Final Look

Additional Products / Brushes | Designer Brand Highlighter | Designer Brand Mascara |  QVS Powder Brush | QVS Concealer and Foundation Brush | QVS Eyeshadow Brush | B-Me Eyeshadow Brush
  1. Apply a base of primer on your oiliest parts and your eyelids.
  2. Apply BB cream all over, making sure it's well blended.
  3. Dust the pressed powder evenly.
  4. Dab some highlighter onto your cheekbones.
  5. Take a light eyeshadow colour and blend all over your eyelid. Dab some in your inner corner.
  6. Take a darker colour and blend from the outwards in and line slightly underneath the eye.
  7. Line your waterline with the eyeliner pencil.
  8. Apply a generous coat of mascara onto your top lashes [and your bottom lashes too if you wish].
  9. Pop some colour on your lips.
That's the look I'm sporting! I think it's pretty easy and looks cool! From the eyeshadows, I used the bottom right and the top right colours. Honestly, I am so impressed with these products. Because of their price, I was expecting them to be a bit rubbish but they are all super good quality. All the products feel really light and actually smell amazing, especially the Lip Crayon which is mint flavoured! So good. Everything applies nice and smoothly and lasts all day. The eyeshadows are super pigmented and come in gorgeous colours. I love the Kmart packaging; simple and with cute pastel colours. I hate the 'lol' name though, it sounds like a 5 year old's makeup. All in all, next time you're passing by one [Australia has them too although I don't know if they stock the same makeup], I highly recommend you pop in and grab yourself some goodies!

Phew, this post was a big one! I was just so excited by all the products!
Do you like the look of any of them? I'm tempted to do a giveaway so keep an eye out for that!


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