My Style: Orange

From left to right:

In all honesty; I hate the colour orange. But it wouldn't be right to leave orange out of my little rainbow collection, would it? So here it is. I actually think the Topshop Cold Shoulder Dress is amazingly flattering and the New Look Fashion Union Puffball Skirt would be a cute staple to smarten up your outfit. Let me know which items you like the best!

Just want to apologise for the less than average quality of the images. Unfortunately, I did not have Photoshop within my access when making this and so had to make do. I did my best!


  1. I have a couple of orange things but I'm never brave enough to wear them haha. I'm going for more lime/yellow this summer, it seems to be everywhere! x

    1. Orange tends to be quite bright and I'm not brave enough for that either! x


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